The idea to create this partnership project resulted from the need to insight into the subject which is very topical nowadays, namely the situation of Women 50  + in different European countries, their activities undertaken in private life. Changes in the contemporary world affect people, their lives, experiences and perception. 
General objective:
The aim of the project is to elaborate the effective model of the support for Women 50 + that want to improve their potential employability by acquiring or updating basic and general skills, play active role in the society. 
Project aims:
- effective catching skills gaps Women 50 + and broaden their competence with new areas through effective working tools for  trainers Women 50 +;
- quality improvement and innovation in system of general education, counseling tools dedicated to women 50 +; 
- improving the quality and the amount of the cooperation between adult education organizations; 
- share practices and transfer the experiences in the field of: counseling, methods of development of key competences etc. The partners will provide their expert staff to work together into a team;
- increasing professional skills and personal development of the employees of partner institutions.

The cooperation offers the participants an opportunity to exchange experiences, practices and methods of their daily work.
set up of new contacts, cooperation and possibility of developing common new projects in the future.

For more information: http://www.aki.edu.pl/uczymy-sie-i-zmieniamy-cale-zyci