Increesing competition of workers by praxtis (project Nr. 2017-1-LT01-KA104-035154)

Both, organizations and clients today experience numerous challenges. The society is changing, life tempo is increasing. New social communication means develop and appear (Internet, Facebook, etc.).

Integration into the labour market for mentally disabled people has been one of the most critical issues, which could be solved by a number of ways: by increasing social responsibility,  by development social enterprises, educating the society, increasing volunteering activities (mentoring, work assistants). However, the currently employed means and work methods must be upgraded in order we could help out target group.

Members of the Consortium have been working for mentally disabled people about 20 years in three regions of Lithuania: Jonava, Panevezys, and Vilnius. Today mentally disabled people live longer, therefore they need some specialized services for which the members of the project have less experience. Therefore the project  seeks to take over the experience from project partners in respect to innovations in the field of teaching, education and provision of services.

The project was  implemented by five members of the consortium:

• Public Establishment International Labour Contacts Net (Vilnius);

• Jonava Region Centre for the Activities with the Disabled (Jonava);

• Panevezys Specialized School-multifunctional Centre;

• Youth Day Centre (Panevėžys);

• Lithuanian welfare society for persons with mental disability VILTIS (Vilnius)

Receiving institutions: Open Europe (Spain), and Anffas (Italy).