Seniors say - NON STOP

Many years an iron curtain has been separating us and we didn‘t know much about each other. Now we are free and are living in the united Europe, but venerable age and lack of confidence in themselves make seniors isolated and unwanted.

The youth travel actively, while ageing people are staying at home and do not have a positive impulse for movement.

Knowledge of a new world begins from the knowing about the history, cultural heritage and traditions. This project has helped aging people to understand that the common values and common crafts connect all people, just some aspects are different.

The seniors will help to preserve heritage by telling their grandchildren, neighbours and friends what they have seen, how cultural heritage is protected and treasured and why we need to acknowledge and preserve our identity. 

Project aim was to encourage older people, involving them in public activities, to promote, prevent and pass down traditions, crafts and heritage.

Project tasks were to achieve across the handicrafts, close cooperation and exchanging among the ageing craftsmen, in organizing common workshops: textile, dyeing textiles, knitting, cooking traditional foods, creating traditional jewellery and other crafts.

  This project encouraged seniors to promote their traditions and heritage and inegrate better into society through the means of active social engagement and voluntary work.

Thanks to GRUNDTVIG Sennior Volunteering project Lithuania’s and Romania’s volunteers helped to socialy insecure children to spend their freetime more meaningfully. The project also encouraged seniors to be more creative and active in social life. People form different countries got a chance to know each others culture and personality.

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